Catalyst Catholic (formerly NADCYM) has a new name and identity to more clearly speak our relationship and mission to parishes of the New Albany Deanery. We exist to serve our parishes—to be a catalyst for formation and to partner with them in bringing the young church to discipleship.

We accomplish this through:

  • Services to parish leadership

  • Fostering parish and community collaboration in youth ministry

  • Ministry to youth, young adults and families

We are the servant of servants. Helping youth ministers and youth leaders to do the work they're called to do.

Our Core Values


He must increase, I must decrease. Christ permeates everything we do. We only give what was first given to us.


Through passionate humility, we seek to affirm the good, true, and beautiful. With charity and truth, we desire to better the mission of others by tangible support and honest dialogue.


Our goal is to aid youth leaders in bringing the young church to discipleship. We help to plant a vision and strategy that empowers and equips them to do so.


By uniting the efforts, passion, and strengths of every youth leader, we effectively and efficiently minister to Youth and Young Adults. We fulfill our mission when we collaborate with each individual leader and lead them to an enriching community.

I have worked closely with Catalyst Catholic in the New Albany Deanery over my 23 years in ministry. In my early years as a new youth minister, they offered the training and advice I needed to establish a vibrant youth ministry program in my parish. Over the years they have offered an excellent retreat program for our youth and continued to mentor me in my role at the parish.

Now we have a great partnership in which we work together to provide opportunities for our youth and young adults to grow in their relationship with Christ and His Church. Catalyst Catholic is a blessing to our Deanery and to the people it serves.
— Dcn. John Jacobi, St. Michael, Bradford and St. Bernard, Frenchtown.