We provide opportunities to encounter the person of Christ and his Church.



Our office exists to support parishes in their ministries to youth, young adults, and families within the New Albany Deanery (Harrison, Clark, and Floyd counties).

We provide retreats, mission trips, community, athletics, and formation for youth, young adults, families, and parishes. We also provide consultation, training, and formation to parish leadership, as well as opportunities for further spiritual development.


Our Ministries and Activities


Contact us about our services for athletes → 

  • K-8 Sporting Opportunities
  • High School Sporting Opportunities
  • Coaches Orientation
  • Coaches Day of Reflection
  • Athletic Committee
  • Coaching Tips / E-News

Middle School

Contact us about our services for middle school students → 

  • Quarterly social and service events
  • Summer Daze
  • The JAM!
  • Sloppy Sunday
  • Catholic Heart Workcamp (8th grade - coming 2020!)
  • Confirmation Retreats

  • Summer gatherings
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Life to the Full Community
  • Encounter Meetups

  • Theology on Tap
  • MOMS - Ministry of Mothers Sharing
  • Annual Conference
  • Baby Bibs
  • Monthly socials
  • Lenten faith sharing group
  • Young Adult Committee
  • Marriage Renewal
  • FOCCUS Training
  • Monday night Bible study

Pastors & Parish Leaders

Contact us about our services for pastors and leaders → 

Parish Services & Consultations

  • Awards celebration
  • Youth minister search process
  • Program / Ministry evaluations
  • Confirmation preparation training

Training & Formation

  • Youth ministry networking
  • Youth Ministries Activities Team
  • Youth minister renewal days
  • Youth minister retreat day / Day of Reflection
  • Breakfast Club
  • Mentoring
  • Spiritual direction