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What are Root Groups?

A Root Group is an intentional gathering, meeting regularly for the purpose of living as disciples of Jesus Christ. Root Groups are supported by the parish and Catalyst Catholic.

“An intentional gathering”

A Root Group is made up of people who agree to share life together.

“Meeting Regularly”

A Root Group plans where to meet, has a regular meeting time, and keeps a consistent schedule. Everyone knows when to expect their next gathering and holds each other accountable to attend.

“For the purpose of living as disciples of Jesus Christ”

Members of Root Groups desire to be Christ’s disciples. They want to know, love, and serve Jesus together in a small community. They take seriously the practice of spiritual habits and virtues, concerned with discovering how to live as a Catholic Christian in the world today.

“Supported by the parish and Catalyst Catholic”

Root Groups and their leaders are not expected to go it alone. The parish and Catalyst Catholic provide annual training and ongoing support, even for seasoned group leaders. There are also videos, books, and other resources available to groups (through the parish or deanery) if they wish to do a study together.

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