Pope: "Sport is a place of unity and encounter"

Pope Francis recently reflected on a new document released by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, titled, "To Give the Best of Oneself: On the Christian Perspective of Sport and of the Human Person."

Providing athletic opportunities for our young people is an important aspect of our ministry. We are excited to see the Church and Pope Francis share such positive reinforcement of the values we can learn through sport.

Below is an excerpt from the article on Vatican News:

"In a letter addressed to Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Lifeon Friday, Pope Francis reflected on how precious sport is in current culture which, he said, is “dominated by individualism and the gap between the younger generations and the elderly”

A place of unity and encouter

“Sports, the Pope said, is a privileged area around which people meet without any distinction of race, sex, religion, or ideology”.

It’s where “we can experience the joy of competing to reach a goal together, participating in a team, where success or defeat is shared and overcome”.

This, he said, helps us to reject the idea of conquering an objective by focusing only on ourselves.

The Pope’s letter came as the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life presented a new document entitled “To Give the Best of Oneself. On the Christian Perspective of Sport and of the Human Person.”

Pope Francis spoke of the need for a team spirit that helps each one of us give the best of ourselves.

“When a father plays with his son, when children play together in the park or at school, when an athlete celebrates the victory with his or her supporters, in all these environments we can see the value of sports as a place of unity and encounter between people. We reach great results, in sports as in life, together, as a team!” he said.

A formative vehicle for the young

The Pope also reflected on the value of sports as a ‘formative vehicle’ for the young who look to sportsmen and are inspired by them.

He pointed out that athletes exemplify the virtues of generosity, humility, sacrifice, constancy, and cheerfulness and they contribute to the group spirit, to respect, healthy competition, and solidarity with others."

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Photo: Golden Gala athletics event in Rome  (AFP or licensors)